This course will discuss theory and practice of searching and retrieval of text and bibliographic information. Topics covered include automated indexing, statistical and linguistic models, text classification, Boolean and probabilistic approaches to retrieval, query formulation and output ranking, information routing and filtering, topic detection and tracking, as well as measures of retrieval effectiveness, including relevance, utility, miss/false-alarm. Techniques for enhancing retrieval effectiveness including relevance feedback, query reformulation, thesauri, and concept extraction.


Paper-Reading 15%
Homeworks 25%
Project 30%
Final 30%

Suggested Prerequisites

Data Structures, programming skills, proficiency in a programming language.

Paper - Reading

You will pick a recent article(s) to present in the class. You will read the article, study it (check references if you have to), fill a review survey about the paper and present it in class.


You will have 3 assignments, which will contain both  programming and theory related tasks.


You are expected to present a project related to the topics discussed throughout the course. Your project should have experimentation.


  1. Mathematically model and resolve basic Information Retrieval tasks.
  2. Analyze and design efficient algorithms for IR
  3. Practice data-structures and file organization concepts.
  4. Learn modern techniques employed to tackle large amounts of data.
  5. Use of open-source libraries.


  • Late Submission Policy: Late submissions will be penalized. A score of %20 will be degraded from your grade for each late day.
  • Cheating Policy: Any form of cheating will be punished including plagiarism from an external resource, Internet, a classmate. If two submissions bare too much similarities then both students will fail regardless of who originally prepared the submission. DO NOT SHARE YOUR WORK !!!
  • Attendance Policy: You are expected to attend the lectures.


C. Manning, P.Raghavan, H. Schutze. Introduction to Information Retrieval. Cambridge. 2008.

Read it Online